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  • Tea Master

    So, yesterday I finally expanded my Island Farm so I could begin using Tea Master. I'm crafting items needed for it and also "ask" for Firing Bowls. My request for Firing Bowls did go to the 'newsfeed' but, either noone has sent any OR they're not coming across to my gifts. I have almost 290 neighbors and always get gifts and requested items. HELP! What am I missing here? Is there a problem with gifts from newsfeed?

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    The news feed seems to be a little hit and miss. Some messages seem to keep reappearing so it seems reasonable to assume that requests are equally patchy. Probably be better to use the usual method. Little Patch


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      The problem is that it takes me to the newsfeed to do request. It's not bringing up my neighbors, like you'd normally get for requesting items. Granted, I'm only a LVL 80 and still learning but I grow


      • Annewuiten
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        Did you try tapping the different tabs in the newsfeed ? Because it's there that the fire bowls will be found.

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      Thx. It was a game 'blip' going on that they corrected and I got hundreds of bowls. Too funny now! I'm just seeing your post so wanted to say thanks. That is how I finally got to receive bowls, once problem was fixed.


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        The door that people from the 4th dimension, Can be accustomed go to the third dimension , These are two different dimensions but they exist upon the same principles, Of science because the 4th dimension, Has the ability to bring good, evil, And neutral people, Through from three different places. There is a fourth option even within, The fourth dimension itself which is just interesting. But moving on, To the third dimension there is a engine, With 3 options for each room, Option 1 is a description of the room, With a monster in it. Or more than one monster in it, And option 2, There is a empty room, And option 3 is the fourth dimension option. There is three different modes people can use to play in any room. Adventure, Fellowship, And journey. They are how the fourth dimension knows, If they are calling back someone from plananely, To earth who is, Good, Neutral, Or evil. Because the teamaster knows if the majority of the peoples travels, Are, Evil, Good, Or neutral.


        • MaryNG
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          What are you talking about? It does not look like you're referring to anything in Family Farm Seaside....

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        So then on an even smaller scale of the three modes of play, There is the individual science of how each mode breaks down, They go by three parts, Beginning, Middle, And end. And inside of each part is even another smaller scale, Of the same pattern, But even as use able as that is, Its changable to suit the adventure, Or fellowship, Or journey, Because life is not always so simple to have 3 people, Doing a journey that they have to complete 3 challenges each, Sometimes theres a lot more complicated forces, At work and a good, Tea master knows how to make adjustments.

        And I would have shared the smallest amount of useful information, That helps them attempt to play this type of game then feel free to work with me on this project. Most likely by joining this game and playing that seems to be the best way to explore what is possible here. (unless im missing something)