Nokia provides an overview of “strategic options for its newly created digital healthcare business.”

Digital healthcare is part of the technology developed by Nokia. Their portfolio includes products for consumers and businesses, as well as they produce and sell smart watches, scales and digital devices for the healthcare system.

Nokia experts warned that a strategic review of digital devices for health “possible or not” will lead to a deal or other changes, but they say that the patent business, brand partnership and technology licensing all Nokia devices will not be presented in this review.

French technologies for health monitoring for € 170m ($ 192m) acquired in May 2016 formed the basis of the digital health device business.

The digital healthcare business unites Withings and health care and patient care professionals with Nokia technology.

The Withing product line includes activity trackers, smart body analyzers, thermometers, blood pressure meters, and home and children status tracking.

Pay attention to the excellent smart watches and bracelets that measure blood pressure well:

At the time of the transaction, Nokia experts said that digital healthcare is an area of ​​strategic interest, and healthcare is expected to become one of the industry's segments on the Internet, predicting an annual growth rate of 37% over the period 2015-2020.