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  • Feedback from Developers 03.30

    Dear players,

    How have you all been? Enjoying yourselves, with Royal Story, we hope! We here have been once again pretty busy discussing all your wonderful suggestions. Let’s take a look at the great things we’re planning to bring to the game, thanks to you!

    First of all, the Horn of Plenty. We have been receiving suggestions from many of you about how to improve it. In fact… you can expect some improvements already in this week’s release! Those who have a Horn of Plenty, will see an icon appear over it, when the Ruby (Rubies) can be picked up. Those who might have lost 1 Horn of Plenty Calendar day, will be happy to know that they can still get the end reward. We hope this helps - just don’t forget: you still need to place the Horn of Plenty on your Kingdom, in order to tend it for Rubies.

    We have also noticed that the Mystery Gifts are missed after they ended in the game. Well, you can be sure we will bring them back, it’s just not quite sure yet when.

    There is also we decided not to do. For example, one suggestion was about the order board: to make it possible to click the product that the order requires, and go directly to where to make it. We don’t want to do that because… there is already a Show Me button to take you there.

    But most things we will still do. A number of you suggested to change the standard setting for Animal Homes, to make it more convenient to the way most of you seem to be playing. We will do that - and hope the others among you will also think it’s fine. (If not, just let us know!)

    Speaking of animals: we will also add information about the Aerophant in the Shop. Thanks for expressing your likes for this wonderful creature!

    A few things will come back to the game, on your suggestion. Such as the Royal Carpet, the VIP event, and - in due time! - also some exclusive and time limited items we had in the game before.

    Last thing to mention is something that was already suggested before. At the time, we decided not to do it, but we’re reconsidering that decision. What this is about? A ‘moving box’ feature: a way to make it a lot more easier to redecorate your Kingdom, without having to move everything around and struggle for each square inch. We’re not sure yet how we can make this work exactly, but we have re-opened this case. We’re putting our best thinkers on it, so all of us let’s keep our fingers crossed!

    In the meantime, some good news for those who finished out all Story Quests for now… there will be new ones soon! And so the Royal Story will continue…. :-)

    Have fun!

    King Jarvis and the Royal Story Team.

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