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  • Feedback from Developers 04.10

    Dear Players,

    Once again you have been flooding our studio with your suggestions! Even though we - also once again - won’t be able to fulfill any and all of your wishes, we sure hope to incorporate the best ones - once more, once again!

    As a matter of fact, some suggestions we managed to include in this week’s release already. For example the World Tree: we duly noted your complaints about this decoration-reward from our event lately, and when some players proposed a concrete idea on what to do about it, we didn’t hesitate long. We hope you like the coins you can get from it now!

    A few suggestions surprised us a little - because they actually already were done even before you asked! Such as, being able to buy Rubies for your favorite neighbors. You can already do that! If you open the panel to buy Rubies, you can see a gift icon right next to the Buy button. That gift icon is the Buy For A Friend function. You’re welcome to try it anytime you like, and make a friend or two very happy with you.

    Among the things that we won’t change - or at least not at this time - are some drop rate related requests. For example, from time to time we get the question if we can’t make it easier to find certain types of fish (like the Puffer Fish). We are very hesitant to do this because of the influence it will have on the game in general. Part of the fun in Royal Story is that some things are easier to find than others. We hope to have balanced it to a healthy mix of fun and progress on the one end, and challenge and interesting-ness on the other. If a fish like the Puffer Fish would become relatively easy to get, it would lose most of its appeal.

    The same kind of thought causes us not to be too eager to offer the Unicorn as a reward here or there. Or to put the Griffin in the Shop as a permanent item. Or to make it easier to get the Rose Tower Retreat. Or bring the Love Tree back without a very special occasion. Games in general, and a magical game like Royal Story in particular, need their exclusivities - otherwise the game would turn rather flat and dull. That would be the last thing we want!

    But of course, there are still so many things we will do, based on what you told us. There are more items coming soon, to buy for Humble Hearts. There will be more ways to spend your Fish Pence. More new Medals are under development. And the Polar Bear and the Seal are on their way back to the game!

    Last but not least - actually we’re not sure if we should tell you about it, as it’s still pretty much secret - a Donkey has been spotted… If you want to know how, when, and what exactly is going to happen, then be sure to Like the Fan Page. If there is news, you will see it there first!

    We wish you a happy playing!

    King Jarvis and the Royal Story Team.

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