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  • Royal Feedback from Developers 04.30

    Dear players!

    Thanks once more for all the suggestions you’ve been sending us over the past week, as well as your complaints and annoyances! We’ve read them carefully and noted them, and hope we will be able take away most of them soon.

    In fact, we hope to have made a first step with that already. This week, it became painfully clear how many different types of requests we have in the game. They got all mixed up! Royalnopoly help-me-out-of-jail requests ended up being counted as Mystery Gift requests. After we fixed that, they got counted as Neighbor requests (this is why some of you saw neighbor requests coming in from people who are already your neighbor; don’t worry, nobody lost anyone!). Everything is under control now. We apologize and hope you’ll enjoy the reward that’s on its way!

    Luckily not every message we received was about annoyances. After all Royal Story is still the most fun game. And thanks to your suggestions, it will get even better!

    One of the things that will add up to the fun, is an improvement to upgrading Royal Buildings. Many of you would like to see the upgraded version, before you decide to go for it and do the upgrade. So that’s what we’ll do. This suggestion is now at the designing table!

    Another thing we will do, is one of your most favorite desires: a new chance to get the ever popular, most wanted, Griffin. Be sure to keep an eye on the fan page for announcements!

    In fact, a lot more will still happen in Royal Story. In the latest Story Quests, the Kingdom may be at a relative peace. But that doesn’t mean that evil is defeated. Far from it! Altessa is still out there, and even if we can beat her and those despicable Minions of hers, who knows what more is out there! And Zach and Merella might get married. Is a wedding an end? No, it’s a beginning! So you can count on lots and lots more to come. To be continued...

    Also, if you know anyone looking for a fantasy game, please invite them to join Royal Story! Our Castle doors are always open!

    We wish you lots of fun in Royal Story!

    King Jarvis & the Royal Story Team

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