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  • Royal Feedback from Developers 06.02

    Dear Players!

    Once again thank you very much! You have been spoiling us again this week with all your beautiful suggestions. Thanks, and keep them coming! So let’s have a look at them and see this week’s wills and won’ts.

    Let’s start with the most urgent issue: Mama Bear’s Outfit. When she first wore her Popstar Outfit, positive feedback skyrocketed: Mama Bear totally stole the show! But after that… little has happened. Mama Bear’s clothes are starting to get worn out. Some players even believe the outfit, unwashed as it is, is starting to smell somewhat. So it’s time for tailorship, many feel. And while we don’t share the ‘smelly’ concern (for we know Mama Bear always has her Bear Brush at hand), we do agree that it’s time for new clothes here. Because Mama Bear’s Outfit is only changed based on the Story Quest, there is only one option: develop a whole new Mama Bear Story Quest!

    There are also some suggestions we had to dismiss, even though they were quite nice. For example the idea to allow 2 NPCs (NPCs is the term we often use for your friends in the game like Little Bert, Mama Bear, Merella, Solomon and so on) to go on Adventure simultaneously. We’d rather not do this, because there are already ways to speed up your adventure. If you have lately earned enough Elf Coins, you can even finish them instantly for a number of times. That seems to leave little need for a ‘twin adventure’ at this time.

    But there are still a lot of great improvements that we will do in the game. Like a search function in the Workshops while they are in the Workshop Factory. Currently, there is none, causing many players to scroll more than they’d like. We’re going to fix that in one of the releases to come in the near future. Another thing we will correct: soon, you will be able to also use Chestnuts to create bait for fishing.

    To end this letter, we’d like to let you in on a small secret. Come closer to the screen…. closer… a bit closer yet. Ok, that’s close enough. Well here it is: [whisper mode on] We’re going to throw a party soon. [Whisper mode off]. Curious? Well, this is all we can say for now. But just keep an eye on the Fan Page and the game, and all will become clear real soon now!

    For the rest: we wish you a lot of fun every day, in Royal Story! (By the way, did you see Zach & Merella’s Wedding yet??)


    King Jarvis & the Royal Story Team.

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