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  • Royal Feedback from Developers 06.17

    Dear players,

    This letter arrives to you a bit later than you’re used to. We can’t really help it, it’s mostly a matter of bad luck. We needed to fix a bridge first and then defeat three minions on the road to the post office, which in turn wasn’t upgraded yet, and we couldn’t really leave home anyway without first crafting our pet Corgi the toys of her choice first. You know, the usual magical stuff.

    Anyway, back to business. We are happy to say we once again received a lot of great suggestions from many of you! As usual we discussed them, and here is (part of the) result. Hang on, here we go.

    Some of your letters were about the newly appearing message in your inbox (the inbox you see when you click the envelope top right). Sometimes you receive items from your friends, but your Inventory already has so many of this item, that the limit is reached. (The inventory, that’s your Pouch, in the game). In that case, the message in your Inbox informs you about the situation. What it doesn’t say - yet - is that you actually have to do something before you can accept the items from the inbox. And that is sell or use the items that are in the inbox. Apparently this was not too clear for some of you, so we will make this clearer soon.

    Unfortunately we can’t make every suggestion work in the game. Take the Cloud in the Royalnopoly Shop. You only can place it on land, but not on water tiles. A bit illogical for a cloud that actually floats in the air, that’s true. But the game mechanics don’t allow items to be suitable for both land and water tiles - it’s either land or water. We can’t change that. The only thing we can do, is design another cloud that is not placeable on land, but only on water. But that’s something for us to consider later. Let us know how badly you want this cloud!

    There is enough left that we can do - and will do. One suggestion we got this week was about Humble Hearts and about clothes. Namely if we can offer any clothes or clothes parts that can be bought for Humble Hearts. Good plan! So keep an eye on the game and it might appear any time over the coming weeks…

    That’s it for this week’s letter. Oh - maybe it’s worth mentioning that new quests are on their way! And to reveal a little of it already… a new character will be starring in them!

    Have fun, and don’t lie awake at night pondering about who this new and fairly handsome single character might be!

    King Jarvis & the Royal Story Team

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