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  • Royal Feedback from Developers 07.31

    Dear players,

    Thanks for your suggestions, we’re happy to see you keep sending them! We had a considerable pile of ideas, complaints, annoyances and wishes to work through, and as usual, we had a great time doing that. Much appreciated!

    Once again you have proven to have a keen eye for things-that-make-you-go-hm… are we actually already using that item/product/thing for something? Among the things that you mentioned as not being very useful currently, are wool, dice and butterfly nectar. So we’ve put our think tank, filled with the world’s best chefs, fashion designers and nutty professors, in this. With one assignment: Come up with something. Please. :-)

    Another interesting idea was a Breakfast Machine. We got hungry reading about delicious breakfast proposals: honey pops, fruity mueslis, flamboyant cornflakes… yummy! The bad news is, we’re not going to make a machine for this. But the good news is, boy you gave us such an appetite that we might just put some breakfast recipes in the Magic Kitchen. And we might include a fresh Irish Coffee with that as well - depending on the mood of our designers.

    A most exclusive consumable in the game, is the recently introduced Fruit+ Watering Can. We’re glad to learn that you like it so much that we should put it in the shop. Well… we will. At least for a while (to preserve some exclusivity).

    In the history of Royal Story, perhaps the most sensitive subject is the ongoing lack of space that many players experience. We tend to take this as a compliment because it seems lots of stuff is greatly appreciated, making Kingdoms pretty full. But on the other hand, it’s something that deserves our on going consideration as well. That’s why we recently release even more land - pushing the limits of the game’s engine - and have released so many greenhouses and animal homes in the past, including lots of upgrades. But it’s like building new roads: offer more roads and traffic will increase, causing new traffic jams. So rest assured we will keep an eye on this and keep studying on more possible solutions to tackle the space issue!

    Before we sign off this letter, let’s have a look at the new animals we’ll be introducing in the (near or more distant) future. While we’ll pass on the Frog, we have put the Alligator on the list. Merella does deserve a good looking handbag to go with her socks. Furthermore, although a Pelican won’t be included in the Subscription (zodiac) animal series, we will put this gorgeous creature in the game. And standby for the arrival of the Kangaroo!

    Wish you a lot of fun playing Royal Story!

    King Jarvis and the Royal Story Team.

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