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  • K329 Drama

    Now, I am writing here because in KC I will simply get flooded with insulsts again, it's just too small for what's happening, the same goes for AC -- I owe an explanation, it's too small for that, I can't send ten chopped messages to everybody.

    This message here is for TBS members mostly, but there are many involved and it should concern them too.

    It's f*d up, but I gotta go through this just to show what happened. I was having a good time at my place, after a day of driving around and working, ony my way to a walk with a joint in hand, and just before leaving i decide to check if KC. I vowed to myself to avoid kc, i promised others to do that, but I couldn't keep it somehow. Ac is nonexistent, and KC seemed to calm down, all the blocks were set, things started to go smoothly, conversation became interesting occasionally.

    They discuss TV-series, Vikings among others. I can't scroll and read this chat -- it doesn't exist anymore. (I took screeshots of some conversations, but it's crazy really, 4 lines a picture, when there are dozens and hundreds of lines) I casually commented that Vikings is crap ( not in this words, of course, but meaning )because Americans (it's a Canadian production, but culturally it is exactly American) can't make no historic movies -- they always turn out to be too fake, where you see modern Americans in ancient clothes, not actors trying to capture the spirit of the epoch. A chat room -- movie discussion -- the guy was into it. Another one joined, mentioned some good movies. I answered that they're about recent history, where Modern American has actually been, while I meant ancient history like Antiquity, Middle Ages, Rome Greece etc. He was right, of course -- as I said there myself -- I nyself love movies like Gettysburg, or Apocalypse Now which I seen hundred ti mes. When I say again that Vikings is ridicilous really -- IX century Scandinavia, and we see a modern North-American suburban family, and even there's a cripple to top it all. ThenL

    - Ivar The Boneless was not a cripple!
    - In th movie he certainly was.

    Ivar the Boneless is a historical personage, very little is known of him, his nickname has many different explanations, all hypothethical. The guy mentions one of them, me in return thinks about the French dancer (i've seen him on a painting by Toulouse-Lautrec) also called Boneless -- Valentin the Boneless. He had some rare medical condition. Somebody must have made the connection before, but for me it was new and original.

    Before i finish with the "medical condition" part, i get "he didn't do no f*g yoga", to which I answer that by now he should know that he is talking to somebody who knows the subject (I even mentioned wearing eric & sons viking brand sweater, and before that the only good eye-witness account of Vikings on Volga -- by an arab explorer) and that he should read and think before being rude to strangers. In these exact words, no insults from me, ever.

    And all of a sudden something happens, a s*t fountain erupts. Some f*d up people, some known to me already, some unknown.

    I should have ignored them and left, as I was going to, but I couldn't take s*t from this bunch of mentally challenged trolls. So I answered as much as I could, New recruits (it's funny how some people who are completely outside the picture join the verbal attack on an unknown person, just because there is a friend among the hyenas or simply because eveybody is doing it.)

    I can't shut my mouth when I'm being told ''shut your mouth''. I'm gonna answer that d*k to gf himself, obviously, and shut HIS f mouth. I guess when the starting point exchange disappeared and couldn't be read by scrollin up I looked like the bad guy. Well, half a dozen (at the lowest) importtant vassals of the kingdom are throwing their insults, and I answer getting more and more pissed off by their arrogance and dishonesty.

    But these followers deserved what they got, they asked for it. If you see a fight and join a fight without knowing whats it about dont whine. It ended up with a couple USA 22s flying over, getting only my smallest farm while I put the shields. They decided to wipe out the al, mother*s. One guy got my troops that way the day before yesterday. Threatened the al, everybody was offline, so I gave him his kills. I am still healing, and anyway I'm sure it wouldn't have helped. Just to harm me by putting the blame on me tney would have done the same.

    I knew this was gonna happen when I joined. Thats why I took so long to join, thinking, wanted to continue with REB where I didn't have no obligations to nobody, and after I deciede to join I wanted to keep away from KC, but then I needed a chat room.

    And here is what i propose. I'm not gonna let it go, obviously, I will speak to the people I like in kc and the others are gonna go f themselves, I'm not gonna take shit from some brainless bullies. I got zeroed twice while building Fortress when I tried starting my own AL, so that's not what gonna make me quit the game. I like the game, phone is always with me, while laptop I can't carry all the time. Experience was very unpleasant sometimes, a lot of people just wield their power and you're supposed to cower and survive like a shadow underground.

    So if you want, I can leave, it's your choice, If I stay, we will probably live under siege in constant danger. I can provide shields for some castles (I heard it's doable) in a few days, later I promised the ********* to invest heavily to grow real fast. I don't know if I'll be able to spend that kind of money in a game -- tens of thousands of dollars is heavy mnoney for me, still, but I'm mad enough In principle I should. If not, I'll at least spend few hundred a week, sometimes more someimes less (I got irregular income to support ourselves and live in safety. Say little less than half the al will be under shields, the rest will keep their troops there. Rss only to spend right away.

    It sucks, I know, but that's the kingdom we live in.

    Or maybe some little decency will magically appear and people who hate me so much will confine to attacking me, directly, instead of innocent people. As if I wouldn't have fought when ready -- but when people come in force come to butcher me, of course i will use shields. SH16s and little higher I always fought, sometimes I won, sometimes I lost.


    Now I gotta write about something else, there I need copies of messages and screenshots, it's time consuming transfering everything from ipad to laptop, so it's gonna be a little later, I just woke up.

    As to everybody else, you are but a bunch of lying, sh*t-throwing no good sobs. Every normal, polite conversation works like a red rag on a bull on you, you just can't stand people having a good time, eh? Always there with your threats, insults, commands. You V with your bossy attitude is the worst, and I was in your AL, was always good with you, yet you wouldn't let it go ant it comes to this.

    The ones who joined the cursing contest later -- you are simply too simple-minded, finding youself in a situation like this you start by "What is happening?" instead of jumping in on the side more numerous.

    MoonLightKiss Zachariah -- you get a separate message, as promised, with all our conversations published. Your lying attitude is the worst, and I can't stand liars -- I expose them.
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    I’m sorry your having these issues in your kingdom. Your frustration is understandable. If it would make your experience more enjoyable kingdom chat has a block feature In which you can block people you don’t want to see chat from. hopes this helps. -helissent the insane