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  • Running out of Alliance Tech

    It seems the last time this was discussed was over 5 months ago, so I'm going to try it again.

    My alliance is running out of Alliance Tech for donations. Our Funds are getting very low, so we are not able to buy shields, teleports, boosts, etc. We are not going to be able to earn Honor quickly enough to get troops out of the hospital, either. The only solutions I've seen are speeding up Research to unlock more tech, participating in events like portal and Fallen Knights, and starting up a separate "Donation" alliance that players can join in order to donate and have access items from the store. None of these are acceptable.

    We can't keep spending Funds on speedups and expect to stock the store, plus, eventually, all tech with be maxed. Events just don't earn enough, quickly enough, to be effective. If we have to keep jumping form one alliance to another every fours hours to donate, well, besides the fact that the Alliance Storehouse now becomes useless as well as the hospital, the inconvenience of this is ridiculous!!

    The only other thing I've seen is "The devs are aware and are trying to come up with a solution." Well, it's been 5 months since the last time somebody said that in these forums. Where's the solution?

    I am in Kingdom 320. We've only existed for about 4 months. What have kingdoms that have been around for a year done?

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    Hi Chewie. I was in an alliance that was full and been around for over a year and we haven't completed all the alliance tech yet. But the portal donations is a way to get honor. Running low on alliance funds to stock the store could come from not having enough members in the alliance donateing regularly. One tip is don't donate all the way to cool down. Stop and allow some time to pass, then your able to donate more often through out the day. -Merewen The Widow.MOD.US


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      Nice to know yall existed for that long