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  • RSS seller and bot alliance accounts

    We have an issue happening over the last week in kingdom 453. The dominant alliance is using chests and utilizing rss sellers as well as computer programmed alliances. The person is 4 times the power as anyone else in the kingdom. It is known throughout the kingdom of this, has been reported, yet they continue to do so. Many of us, both friend and foe, have spent time and money to grow. You are losing and will lose more revenue due to these type of people. Watch this amazing video, taken about an hour ago. Thank you.

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    I meant to say the alliance is using cheats. This is blatant cheating.


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      This is pretty standard practice for most kingdoms now. Chinese player will spend enough to overpower everyone else in the kingdom. Probably rush to SH 26, max banners and valour gems and a full set of enhanced Warmonger gear. That will cost them $5000 plus for which they get a Kingdom to Farm. They will set up multiple bot farms as per your video and this rss is then sold on. So it’s a business you see... Devs turn a blind eye as this player will have spent $5000 plus with them. That’s the way it is. You spend 5 grand to match them( minimum) or accept that you will be a Farm.


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        I'm also in Kingdom 453, and have noticed similar things with some players being way more powerful than others. I'm just learning now about these bot accounts which all seem to have similar behavior as far as being attacked and then shielding and teleporting. I spent real money for the first time today, but after seeing things like this I don't think I'll be doing it again until I see some action taken. Spending money to get ahead is one thing, but it crosses the line when you're buying resources through other accounts and having programmed accounts set up. Are there any updates here?