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  • Alliance FAQs

    1 Creating or Joining an Alliance
    Tap on the Alliance icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the Alliance interface where you can join or create an Alliance.
    Lower level Strongholds (Levels 1-5) can create an Alliance for 200 Gold. Levels 6 or higher can create an Alliance for free.
    The Alliance language is automatically set to the same as the Alliance Leader's, but can be modified at any point.
    If you are creating an Alliance, remember that your name and motto will play a significant role in attracting the kind of players you want to join your Alliance.

    2 How do I disband, leave or change an Alliance?
    You are only permitted to be in one Alliance at any time.
    You are free to change Alliances as you please, but you must always leave your current Alliance first. To do so, tap on the Alliance at the bottom of your screen, then go to 'Manage' and tap ‘Leave’.
    Only the Alliance Leader has the power to disband an Alliance. If the leader wants to leave or change Alliances without disbanding it, they must assign another Alliance member as leader first before doing so.
    Remember that strong relationships within an Alliance will form the bedrock of your success.

    3 How can I change my Alliance Ranking?
    Your Alliance Ranking can only be changed by your Leader or by another member who is two or more ranks higher than you. If you are two or more ranks higher than an ally then you have the power to promote or demote them.
    After tapping on the Alliance icon at the bottom of your screen you can:
    Tap on MEMBERS to view the rankings within your Alliance.
    Tap on Permissions within the MANAGE menu to view what permissions each Alliance Rank has.

  • #2
    What is the purpose of having R0 if I am unable to place members at this rank? Or does the alliance have to reach some milestone to use it? Thank you.


    • #3
      R0 is a place where those players are added who have been invited to join the alliance


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        Is there a way to impeach an alliance leader if they stop showing up in the alliance? Or does the alliance have to form a new group


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          I think the question above is important enough to warrant a response. Is there a way to remove an inactive alliance leader or do all members have to abandon the alliance and form a new one? There must be a definitive answer for this.


          • ehpdx
            ehpdx commented
            Editing a comment
            after 10 days of inactivity our farm alliance leader was automatically removed by the system and leadership defaulted to an r4 so that answered my question in case anyone was wondering.

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          I am an R1. The R5 and R4s all quit the game and are inactive. How do we take control of the alliance?