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  • Building - Hospital

    The function of the Hospital is to heal your troops wounded in battle. The treatment of wounded troops costs half the time and resources needed to train new troops, so it is a good idea to have as large a Wounded Capacity as possible. You can achieve this by building more Hospitals and upgrading them. Research at the University as well as using Talent Points can also increase your Wounded Capacity and Healing Speed. Be sure to heal your wounded troops because when your Wounded Capacity is reached any further troops wounded in battle will be lost.

    What happens to your troops after a battle will vary depending on the kind of battle:

    When you are defending, all wounded troops will be sent to the Hospitals until Wounded Capacity is reached, after which they will be lost.

    When you attack Monsters, a small percentage of troops will be wounded and sent to Hospitals.

    When you attack an opponent on a resource tile, wounded troops will be sent to the Hospitals until Wounded Capacity is reached.

    When you attack an opponent’s City, ALL wounded troops will be lost.

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    Bonjour Je voulais savoir comment sont configurés les hôpitaux lorsque l'on en attaque ou que l'on se fait attaquer nos troupes vont dans notre hôpital de château lorsqu'ils sont pleins ils sont censés aller dans l'hôpital d'alliance quand celui-ci est plein dans le sanctuaire maintenant imaginons que l'hôpital d'alliance n'est pas construit est-ce que mes troupes iront directement à l'hôpital de mon château puis dans le sanctuaire sans perdre les 50000 troupes qui sont censés aller dans l'hôpital d'alliance où est-ce que je perds automatiquement mes 50000 troupes qui devait se trouver dans l'hôpital d'alliance merci pour la réponse


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      If you do not have an alliance hospital troops go to the sanctum.
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