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  • Dragon Spirit FAQ

    Dragon Spirit FAQ
    #0 Q. When do I get my rewards
    A. When the cooldown period ends. You can force it to reset by using the "Instant Labyrinth Cooldown"

    #1 Q. When can I play Dragon Spirit
    A. It activates when your dragon is level 10

    #2 Q. Where to activate my dragon spirit?
    A. Currently it's next to the Christmas tree

    #3 Q. How do I enter into the dungeon?
    A. Above the event center when your dragon is in the city you can see a new doorway

    #4 Q. How can I get as far as possible?
    A. Ensure that you research as much as possible before venturing into the dungeon. Add

    #5 Q. Are the dungeons randomly generated?
    A. Unknown and needs more testing.

    #6 Q. When can I expect to get really interesting loot?
    A. Unknown and needs more testing

    #7 Q. My satchel is full and I don't want to discard anything
    A. In university you can now research dragon spirit

    #8 Q. I can be a mage, knight or other, which class do I choose?
    A. Unknown

    #9 Q. Do I actually have to swipe or is there any skill involved with dragon spirit battle
    A. No, it just automatically happens and nothing you can do

    #10 Q. If I die what happens?
    A. Nothing you just get sent back one space

    #11 Q. I've ran out of health, help what can I do?
    A. Force an Instant Labyrinth cooldown, research dragon spirit health regeneration or use a health potion

    #12 Q. Help, I've ran out of dragon spirit health potions
    A. Force an Instant Labyrinth cooldown or wait for your health to regenerate

    #13 Q. How many levels is there?
    A. Unknown

    #14 Q. Is there checkpoints?
    A. Yes there appears to be checkpoints at 11, 21, 31, ...

    #15 Q. How do I build my spirit - What things to prioritize?
    I'm focused on a knight build and here's what I did..
    #a is the time consuming university research - Start early - I'd probably start with stamina, health, defense and attack all balanced. The higher levels really take forever..

    #b Even with really good research, it's going to come down to gear.. you can't buy spirit scroll chests so that means trying to get drops from monsters

    #c lastly and probably in balance with (a) and (b) above is dragon spirit experience..

    I like the knight because it allows me to hear per monster.. I don't yet have experience or feedback for other build types..
    Post questions and I'll edit this and try to update
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    is there a difference in the abilities of the male and female dragon spirits?


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      Originally posted by acaretto View Post
      is there a difference in the abilities of the male and female dragon spirits?
      I hope, NOT


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        hp regen is when you go to a new floor. Wait to use your potions to heal to full until on a new floor if possible


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          They still haven't enabled spells, mana use or talent assignments.


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            Would be great to have an update on some of these questions... # levels, best class to select ect.


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              Ask something more specific and I'll try to help - You want a table of monsters and their HP? The loot typically dropped per level? I can't really calculate monster defense, but I can give ballpark HP.. I can say that mana regen gets nerfed *hard* at 50 or 51.. They do *not* want to make it easy to get higher levels.. it's meant to be extreme long term grind..


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                What is the point in the labrynth? How does working on your dragon spirit eventually help the growth of you kingdom?


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                  Originally posted by Kayjay View Post
                  What is the point in the labrynth? How does working on your dragon spirit eventually help the growth of you kingdom?
                  Not much. It only provides a few things that will help with your Kingdom, otherwise the loot is specific to your Dragon Spirit. Kingdom loot available:

                  Intensity Crystals (which boost your dragon's skills)


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                    It helps with your kingdom because on the dragon spirit talent trees you get troop damage and also as he or she grows you get troop abilities too


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                      What does spirit mana do?