For the longest time I've seen people putting rather ignorant bids on materials in the black market. Hopefully this point will help document things so people are finally aware they are paying too much.

#1 If you have a scroll and missing the material you can go to the blacksmith > Select the item you want to craft, and on the left side under Requirements you can click "Get More". Below is the documented price. If you pay more than this price in black market - you are *********

Material Blacksmith Price
Steel 300
Pine 20
Bronze 20
Sapphire 400
Agate 200
Ruby 3000
Emerald 200
Flourite 150
Animal skin 20
Galena 150
Amethyst 400
Marble 100
Cerussite 20
Cypress 100
Horn 150
Amber 200
Dragon Spirit new material
Fire Opal 30
Spider Silk 30
Soul Clay 30
Source stone (I)
Source stone (II)
Source stone (III)
Source stone (IV)