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  • Kingdom Vs Kingdom Guide

    Kingdom of Avalon went out of the box when they made KvK most other games lets you teleport all over the map and destroy everything here's a little guide on KoA KvK!

    To find out when your kingdom will be starting KvK go to your event center in there it will be called Excalibur Invasion there will be a timer that will say how long you have to prepare for it there is 3 kingdoms and your will be listed along with the competition
    Talk to the other alliances in your kingdom and find out who's going to defend and who's going to invade.
    Once the timer is up you can go to the other kingdom to fight for their throne it costs 2000 gold for the invasion teleport. Once you pick a spot click invade! remember you can only teleport to the forest. when you're in the enemy kingdom you can start your attacks
    The first person who wins and enters the throne or towers will need reinforcements from their clan. The number of troops that can be sent all depends on the players hall of war so make sure the one leading has a high hall of war more troops the better!
    If your kingdom keeps control of the throne and ALL of the towers for 8 hours then your kingdom has conquered the enemy kingdom but the owner of your own throne becomes king(you must have control of your throne).You maybe asking what's so important about becoming king? well the king gets rewarded with a lot of resources that they can share with other players

    Key points:
    Control everything all 4 towers and the throne are needed.
    Before you invade ask your fellow alliance members for reinforcements because if you get hit and lose you will be teleported back to your kingdom to random coordinates.
    Make sure the first person who attacks either the tower of the throne has a big hall of war because the first to enter everyone else will need to send reinforcements to the tower or throne

    Now for playing defence, during KvK make sure the ones who are not wanting to be hit they need to stay out of the forest.
    When defending you need to make sure you don't let them control the towers, so best thing to do is to have other alliances who are going to help defend have them near a few towers so that one alliance isn't spread too thin.

    Key points:
    They need all towers and the throne to get control.
    They can only hit in the forest so players not helping can send support to players defending and they can also attack the invaders!

    Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add please share!!

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    Hi Yeththur,

    I had a few quick questions on this. I thought the KvK rosters were changed every 42 days only? Also, you say that players are not allowed to be hit when not in the forest. This passed KvK, we had a new kingdom show up on our roster 3 hours into the invasion, and they hit a few players that were not in the forest, though they did not teleport outside of it that I know of. How is this possible without using some sort of hack?
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      thats a good question im going to send this to the studios


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        Fix my confusion!

        Hi there I was wondering if you could clarify a few things for me
        If i'm reading it correctly during kingdom vs kingdom you can only teleport to areas surrounding the throne (the forest) correct? So say the throne is x-0 and y-0 on the map and I'm sitting at x-152 Y - 1120 for example does that mean I can NOT be attacked by anyone invading? My kingdom chat seems to think we can all be attacked but reading your guide it seems like they are completely misinformed. If i wanted (which I don't as im a new player) to help defend the throne / king I need to be in the forest x-0 y-0 so I can't defend from x-152 y-1120 and perform long marches to attack .. is that correct?
        I hope im reading that correct as I would rather sit this one out and just continue to grow.
        Also how long does KVK actually last? Is it just 8 hours then its back to normal or do we need to defeat a king that invaded if s/he takes the throne to recapture it? What happens if its not within 8 hours?
        "If your kingdom keeps control of the throne and ALL of the towers for 8 hours then your kingdom has conquered the enemy kingdom but the owner of your own throne becomes king"
        From reading that I got the impression you can only become king during KVK but we already have a king and havent had kvk...

        Secondly its more a suggestion but have you guys ever considered a possible fairer system? I've seen way too many players leave due to level 20+ strongholds attacking them when they are just starting out. Seems if you had a fair system in place (like matchmaking but in your own way) to allow people to grow then the game would be way more interesting for those that start to play and end up quitting a week or two in due to not getting a chance to grow. Some kingdoms are alright but others you just can't escape constant attacks by much stronger people and alliances don't want you due to you being new and a real low level player. Just seems unfair really that new players get no real protection or time to grow

        Thanks for the help you can ignore the suggestion but can you help me clear up some confusion on KVK?


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          -It is the size of the hall of War for the first one in who sets the allowed number of troops in throne and towers so you want the biggest in first. If your alliance holds throne for 8 hours the leader becomes king. However he/she can forward it so another member within the first 2 hours.
          -Another very important thing is that the towers kill troops in throne if it's not the same alliance who holds both and they kill a lot!
          -the invaders can only attack the throne and the towers. Basically they can only attack those who r in the forest.
          -You can attack them from outside the forest. for example: the invaders port into the forest and ur guys just port near the forest but not in the forest ...then u can attack the invaders but they cant attack u
          -every kingdom has the throne fight first after a while the kvk will come aswell. It'll be every 2 weeks like the kill event (same time but kvk is only saturday) but it could be longer depending how the fight goes.