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    Greetings All!

    Okay so, came into the Official News and Announcements and the section for 'How to Post' and find a lot of posts in the wrong place! So, let's see if we can't get a sticky thread on how to actually post to the forums in a proper fashion.

    Here are some general guidelines for ALL forums of ANY type:

    * Know the forums layout! Get to know what each of the rooms are for the entire forums before you post something in the wrong place and then you look like you don't know what you're doing.

    * Make sure to know what the rules are for the forum and the company in general. - Posting account details, or other security issue is probably not a bright idea.

    * Notify a Moderator or do the 'Contact Us' if you feel something is missing or not explained properly for you. Any company wants to know how to better work with customers to make sure the majority of things are addressed in a timely fashion, so we keep coming back for more. To think a company doesn't care, well that's a dumb company who doesn't care about their customer base and will usually fail big and become a joke of the gaming networks.

    Okay there's really only 3 things, but they are pretty basic and common sense really.

    Official News and Announcements, for example should typically be posts from the company about events, or changes, and feedback about said announcements from the players. It is not meant for the posts for bugs, account issues, or other items.

    Hope this helps you all!

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    Okay not sure what 'Unapproved' in this site means, as there is no details on it, so going to assume it is because there are some steps missing on the actual How To part.....will redo later on as a full How to with images to see if that gets approved then.


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      Cool merci