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  • Create Resource Search Feature


    Please consider adding in a "search" feature for resource locations that is similar to the "hunt" feature for monsters. It could be implemented in such a way to where the player selects the resource they're looking for, the level of resouce location they desire, and then hit "Search." The function would then show a list of say three, or four, resource locations nearest to the player's location that match the desired criteria.

    For example, if you, Mr. Game Developer, are a player and you're needing to find four level 7 iron mines. You would click on the Resources Search button, select "Iron" and "Level 7" and then hit "Search." A list would then be created with the four closest Iron mines to your location that are open/unoccupied (and that don't have troops incoming to it's location). From this point you would be able to click on the resource and send troops to it straight from this dialogue box.

    Hopefully this all makes sense!!

    **********Fellow players, if this would be of benefit to you, please comment your agreement on this thread so that the powers that be will take notice!!!**********

    Many thanks,

    SirReal K359

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    Hi SirReal,

    This has been submitted as a suggestion. Please watch our discord channel under feedback and give thumbs up for the suggestions you like and would like to see in the game, so the developers know what is important to the players.

    Thank you for the suggestion. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions to improve game play or there are any questions or concerns we can address.

    Happy gaming!
    K435. The Silver Cosmos Shepherd.MOD


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      That is really needed. You can spend almost 15-30 minutes looking for level 7 tiles, it sucks badly, and most of them are 200-400km away. Also it should be really nice if the ammount of level 7 tiles would increase.


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        I know, all to well, the time needed to find those level 7 tiles (really frustrating when you find one and it is only a partial!) Hopefully the developers will implement something to make this less painful on the players. And also submitted for suggestion is to increase amounts or add higher level tiles and the ability to have more than one alliance resource tile. This hopefully is taken into consideration. If you have the discord app make sure to watch the feedback threads and give a thumbs up on the suggestions you would like to see in game!
        K435. The Silver Cosmos Shepherd.MOD