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    I really like the kingdom chat, to interact with other players. But it's sometimes hard to have a proper conversations as it quickly get filled and hard sometime to follow the one or two you are talking to. When discussing the weather or World Cup, that's ok.

    But from time to time Alliance leaders are trying to sort something, and when people spam with low level castles or just continuing with a news report, it can be quite frustrating.

    So I would like to have an automated generated chat room where the King and all Alliance leaders are automatically participants.

    And know this can be created manually, but then this has to be managed manually as well, which I dont want.

    So when you become king or an alliance leader, you are automatically joined here, and when you loose this rank, you are no longer part of it.

    There should also be a limit on the which alliance leaders, number of members and power level of, to prevent people from bogus or very small alliances to join here.

    All this to ease kingdom politics, so the leaders can have a private discussion without us peasants meddling.... :-)

    Bert. K97

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    I appreciate where this is coming from and will pass it along. However, please keep in mind that there are kingdoms that do not operate this way. There are kingdoms were the strongest players call the shots or a small number of players. While neither way is right or wrong, it is up to the kingdom to figure out what works best for them and the way they game. This is the bonus of the private chats. Chats can be created to suit the needs of your kingdom and how it is run. Suggestion on management of the private chat, appoint someone as the admin, they are responsible for keeping track of changes in leadership, new alliances, etc and getting people added to the room or kicked from the room. It sounds like a lot of work but you would be surprised how many players are willing to do such things just so they feel like they are helping the growth and progression of their kingdom.
    Again I will submit your suggestion but just keep other ideas in mind when trying to get the leaders of your kingdom together.
    K435. The Silver Cosmos Shepherd.MOD