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  • valor gems and prestige in less than a month?

    The pictures are crazy, people sending in 1000 troops up against 1 million and only 24 wounded...I'm seriously concerned (more so than i was about the cheaters) about the number of stat boosting enhancements that can be purchased in packs. In less than 3 weeks, valor gems and the prestige system was released. I'm absolutely blown away by this. lets compare valor gems to their "normal" gem counterparts.

    of the normal gems, inf def/health and bowmen attack gems are hard to get. Easiest way if you had the money was to go down the lucky shot path then buy multiple lucky shot packs to upgrade that gem to level 6 for a 30% boost to 1 stat for 1 troop type. getting a normal gem from 0 to level 6 would take about 1.2k refining stones each, if you use your gold, you can increase your ratio of lucky shot coins to refining stones by only ever going up to the lucky shot target that takes 10 coins and hope for a higher than 2 to 1 return of stones to coins. So on average you'd need 3 to 4 lucky shot packs just to max a stone to level 6 for a big boost to a single troop. Valor gems on the other hand, you buy 2 big packs at a time and have a high chance of getting 1 gem, sometimes 2......each valor gem gives 30% to all three troop types...thats insane.

    2 weeks later you release special stats like damage and damage reduction that used to only be obtainable through heroes and equipment in small amounts can be boosted up above 100% easily...this is really out of touch with the game. I don't know what kind of feedback prompted this but we've created a massive gap between those that spend and those that don't. Yes i know that prestige banners are easier to obtain but combine it with valor gems (which on their own can get you 300% plus to all stats) you've created the biggest rift this game has ever seen. I don't know how you come back from this.

    I don't understand the logic/motivation behind this besides profits. I understand this is a business, you need to make money to run the game and those that support you (the big spenders) are paying for the experience to be better than everyone else through sheer overpowering stats but come on. This is crazy.

    You can't nerf the gems as people paid money for them, you cant remove them for the same reasons...i can only see you guys correcting this by implementing yet another system where stats are boosted further but these stats ARE NOT obtainable via purchase, only play time. OR some other crazy game changing overhaul to KOA.

    If another set of gear or stat enhancing items is released for purchase before you guys attend to the balance of the game, it will be a clear sign that you don't have the interest of the players at heart and players will probably continue to move on to another game. We have the next kvk rotation coming up, we were hammered last time by a single castle...How many times do you think kingdoms will sit through that? No merging will not solve this problem. We will have beefed up castles annoyed that they can't kill each other taking out their frustration on anyone else that hasn't spent $10,000 on the game.

    ​ Every youtube update "queen" of avalon says "we've been listening to a lot of your feedback..." i don't believe that is the case, but i hope i'm wrong.


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    Okay thinking about valor gems, how about you make it possible to merge different gem types to get a single valor gem or a chance to get a single valor gem. I think this is fair, at least there is an obtainable way to get the valor gems for example a level 5 bow, inf, calv attack gem will give you a valor gem.