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    We all know that you had the best intentions when you made this game mode. The ability to port into another kingdom and attack a hive without losing troops and having to spend resources to heal them is fun and awesome, but I'm not sure how well you all thought it out. We've discovered a lot of issues when it comes to the event. The first and most dominant is that it's way too long. In the beginning it was fun but then it got to a point where only those who bought gold in the game were able to keep troops. It should be one day, tops. Just a day of porting in and attacking people. That's it. Or everyone should be limited to a certain number of hits or ports. That way alliances aren't ravaged non stop. It's quickly determined who the best alliance in the list is and they just spend the next two days just camping the smaller alliances on the list. And the fact that they can hit tiles means that those who barely have troops have to save them till the end of the event by hiding them in tiles far away from the hive or not gathering at all. Which limits everyone's growth by a full THREE days. Secondly, you lose troops if you're defending. Unlike if you're attacking, you can actually lose troops if they kill a lot. This is not okay. So the one who is attacking doesn't lose troops and can just heal those he hit with but those who are defending can permanently lose them. How is that okay?

    Strongholds should also be placed into the equation. My kingdom is newish. We don't have a single sh 30 in our kingdom and yet we got paired against people with multiple sh 30. We didn't stand a chance when those 30's ported into our hive and began wiping our troops out. Which isn't too bad except that they literally sat in our hive for hours. There should be a time limit that you can be in another kingdom. That way you can't farm the new troops that heal.

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    I agree. As a sh17 I found it impossible to compete against sh20, which I found a lot of the alliances had..Sad to say my enjoyment for the event was soon over after being hit by a sh28 ...make it fair play so we can all enjoy it...soon it will just be the ppl that spend money on the game playing it and the ppl play for fun will abandon the game.


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      well as for me I miss the Event . my alliance has always been the smallest in our group, only one without a sh 30 , biggest castle a 26 but we always had fun , even portet with farms sometimes . It was great to test your troops . lol guess they counted our 26 castles as 30