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    My Name is Byakko's Fury. I am a player from Kingdom 541.

    I have been playing games like these for the past nine to ten years. I have noticed quite a few games have their own bully tactic preventions, but KOA seems to lack such a thing. I have been playing KOA for quite a few months now and noticed a lot of people stop playing because bigger players trash them and they are unable to grow, thus letting money spending castle holders the only ones to advance. I have talked with some people and though yes the game allows for the same advancements people still can't use those advancements because they can't collect the significant amount of needed resources due to bully tactics and razzing. (in fact, it takes them three times longer to get anywhere)

    My solution is thus, say you have a level 40, since he is so powerful there is no need for him to hit castles at 25 or lower. Put a cap on the attack. Say you're said level you can only attack castles at 26 and up. It weeds out the higher bullies and still gives them someone to hit but at a greater risk of them losing something instead of wiping someone simply trying to get better at the game. Not everyone can afford to buy things and it makes it more interesting for lower levels and gives them a better chance to get into the game instead of quitting within the first few days or weeks of the game.

    The reason I suggest this is because I have seen groups constantly farmed like fodder. People who genuinely would love to play this game but have no chance to stand up to people who farm them almost 24/7.

    I do hope you read this and think about an implementation similar to this. Other war games have done this and succeeded with this and getting more people into playing this. Thank you for your time and please just think about this suggestion.