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  • Boosts Do Nothing

    I've been testing out boosters and find they really do nothing in this game, so not sure why we are even paying money for them? That's kind of fraudulent.

    The Attack and Defense for 2h, 12h for regular to strong, do not add any additional numbers to the stats for the duration and when you view the battle report, there is nothing added to the attack or defense of the units period.

    The 8hr and 24hr 50% Gather Reduction does not reduce gather times by 50%. I send out troops for a 6 hour gather on a level 7 node. It shows as 6 hours to gather. I activate a 50% reduce time and it goes from 6 hours to 4hr 34m. That doesn't even come close to adding up. Not to mention the gear, research and dragon bonuses I have should be in effect, but are not.

    This is happening to everyone. Aboslutely NO BOOSTER is functioning properly or giving any benefit in this game.

    With all the bonuses activated, a level 7 Food Farm should take me 1h 12m per run. not 3h 40m. Please go redo your math and fix the boosters to work like they're supposed to.

    I've brought this up to 5 mods a few times and all responses I get are 'Yes the devs know, but don't care. It's been like this for years.'

    You guys needs to get your butts in gear and fix things. If not, hire me, I'll get a group to fix them.

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    please move thread to bugs section didn't mean for this to go into tester, but if you want to test things i supposed good to know your boosts are failing.