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  • Walkthrough Rules Please Read

    Like we posted in the past there are some new rules in the forum regarding external links (not only for walkthoughs).

    This is the official forum for FFS from FunPlus and so we have to follow some rules.

    Please don't post any external links to other websites not related to FunPlus.


    1. We (Moderators) are not required to post anything like a Walkthrough. We do it because we like to help, especially our new players so that they get a chance get half way with the mission or even to finish it.

    2. We don't know what will come up in the mission, we can only guess and plant. But we had too much trouble with players looking on farms and planting the same things, so we got a new rule, not to plant anything that might come up in the next mission.

    3. In the past moderators stayed up until 4 am or later to do the mission and write the walkthrough but now the missions comes later and later or even earlier. We never know the time until we see it ourselfs. Everyone is living in another time zone and so it will be posted to different times and when possible.

    4. We all have lives apart from FFS and sometimes writing a walkthrough is not the first thing on our minds.

    5. We don't like external links because we like to ensure you have the most accurate information.

    Thank you so much for your co-operation.

    Happy Farming,

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    I won't post the link but the blog from a member here has always had good information and was up very quickly. I don't discount the effort from the moderators but if they don't want to post one or don't have the time, why is it a problem for others to help? Even if some of the steps are wrong-which I don't recall happening-it should be up to us to follow it or not. I'm done with the timed mission and can now concentrate on everything else that has nothing to do with farming but at some point will make this game "fun". One of the best parts of this forum is the help provided by other members, I wish that would be encouraged instead of discouraged.


    • blueboomer
      blueboomer commented
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      @Ellies: I noticed that there are threads which are more closer to non-FFS moments than moments in the FFS game. Sometimes, they state recipes or other things which might be better defined with the use of a Wikipedia link or some other kind of link. (for example, contains something like that)

    • Ellies Miller
      Ellies Miller commented
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      @blueboomer the only working link in there is a funplus link. Or did I miss something. But I will try to look closer

    • Saffyre
      Saffyre commented
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      I realize I can use any guide. My comment was specifically for one of the websites from a member who posts here regularly. I had used her site many times before and have always found accurate information. I don't think she has her avatar on her site so I never connect her name with it, but she is known on the forums. For the times when a walkthrough isn't up and her site is updated, why not have her information ready since she is a trusted forum member? Sharing information on gameplay and tips we discover are some of the most valuable resources here on the forum. I don't know the reasons trusted members can't post their sites, but my comments are not to disregard moderator efforts. I love that you guys answer and respond to posts so quickly. I appreciate the efforts from our other forum members as well. This is a very helpful and supportive community, I like to see everyone's efforts encouraged.

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    I want to start this post off with a reminder about another wonderful lady, who is forced to stick to the rules.

    Firstly, when Megan was allowed to help us it may have escaped the notice of some that she would often do the missions when it was the early hours of the morning for her.

    01-30-2015, 12:18 PM
    Guess you must be really tired considering you must have started this around 3 am local time, and I assume you are only just reading this after you've had a well-earned rest.

    Thanks for the very speedy write-up yet again.

    This looks like a very nice mission as it allows players at an unusually low level to take part and do some of it without needing items they are unlikely to have. Also, having the last part giving an Island cleanable is wonderful.

    A trivial point. In the Beauty Shop it is called a Plumeria Wreath, but we all realize that's what they are asking for.

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    Megan Franklin commented
    01-30-2015, 12:47 PM
    It started at 4:30am for me and no, I'm still awake. The mission itself only took about 15 minutes. Had to edit a few things that were altered, and double check lots of things afterwards, that's why I'm still awake an hour after finishing it. But I missed the Wreath vs Crown thing, I'll go ahead and change that now, thanks! Perhaps I'll get some rest soon though, now that this is over.
    Last edited by Megan Franklin; 01-30-2015, 12:56 PM.

    Were it not for the new rules which please remember come from the game makers, I have no doubt she would still be doing that subject to her current state of health.

    Of all the thanks Megan has received I think this one best sums them all up.

    Just want to add my thanks to Megan for always getting this guide out so quickly. Just a note to all the forum members. Megan does this guide, because she is a nice person. She wants to help us all as much as she can. It is a nice bonus, but please don't get upset if at some point she doesn't have it done within the first day. She uses her hard earned RC to skip steps sometimes, because they can't be completed quickly any other way. There may come a time when she can't get it done, and if that is the case, perhaps one of the others that "tests" the game will get it done. The reality is the guide is just an added bonus and there are no rules saying it Has to be here. I don't think anyone has ever complained really, about it not being posted right away. But just wanted to make sure everyone knows just how much Megan, Karen, and Lisa and any other moderators we have had does to help us all out. We really appreciate all the hard work you guys do.
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    I do agree with what Saffyre says but it would be best to send a copy of that reply via the blue cog wheel, or add it to the new post created by Diamond Doll in the Feedback and Suggestions section of this forum, because it is with the game makers that we all have a problem with.
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    • Megan Franklin
      Megan Franklin commented
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      Thank you so much for your kind words, Gaia. ❤️ I do try and do the best I can.

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    I just want to say that the Moderators do do a wonderful job, a job that I wouldn't want to do even if it came with a healthy salary. It would appear that the moderators on this site work differently to those on some other sites. I have a friend that is a mod on a forum for another game/company and their set-up is different to this one. He gets free in-game credits etc to use to make his passage through the game easier and they are also given access to the missions early so that one of his fellow mods can write the walkthrough before the mission goes live. I had, wrongly, assumed that all forums were basically the same and that part of our mods ‘job’ was to produce the walkthrough, I now know better.
    I have always appreciated the work of the moderators and now I know they don't get the advantages others do I am even more impressed by them. I apologise if any of my comments have upset any of our mods, that was not my intention, I may not agree with all the restrictions but I do now understand more.
    Thank you moderators, your work is very much appreciated.
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      I have always thanked Megan for posting the walk throughs, they help SO, SO much!!! I could never do it, it would take a lot to do so but, more so..ALWAYS dealing with ALL the issues, with the people on the forum, GOD BLESS!!! BUT, I also admit to posting them as well. I ALWAYS wait to see if anyone is going to post it, when I feel that no one is, I do post them. BECAUSE as I have always THOUGHT (I must be wrong,sorry) that I would be helping Megan, all the moderators. As well as helping those that I know are needing it posted. But, I always must say 1, I never new the "rules" of it but 2, I thought that the purpose of a "FORUM", was to help each other, talk and give tips (must be wrong about that as well, sorry). Thanks to ALL the moderators, I was just trying to help. carose Farm ID : FBFWEYS Level: 112