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  • ALL decorations and their respective cleaning boxes - UPDATED Jan. 4, 2017

    Angel Rain Egg Blue
    Autumn Chick Basket Blue
    Back to School Cup Blue
    Beach Base Blue
    Bird Home Base Blue
    Bobo Bear in Tent Blue
    Bobo Fishing on Ice Blue
    Boxing Bear Blue
    Boy Cupid Blue
    Bunny in Basket Blue
    Bunny Reaper Blue
    Christmas Train Blue
    Classroom Base Blue
    Clothes Drying Rack Blue
    Coco Bear Blue
    Cow Rocking Chair Blue
    Cow Table-Set Blue
    Drum Dog Blue
    Easter Picnic Base Blue
    Farm Games Cup Blue
    Farm Stadium Base Blue
    Ferris Wheel Blue
    Festive Angel Blue
    Festive Angel Blue
    Flamingo Blue
    Flower Pot Bunny Blue
    Fox in the box Blue
    Girl Cupid Blue
    Girl Grass Hair Deer Blue
    Golden Carousel Blue
    Golden Christmas Cup Blue
    Golden Compass Blue
    Golden Easter Cup Blue
    Golden Halloween Pumpkin Blue
    Golden Thanksgiving Cup Blue
    Golden Valentine Cup Blue
    Golden Winter Cup Blue
    Halloween Stage Blue
    Harriet the Hippo Blue
    Hedgehog Blue
    Hermit the Crab Blue
    Horse Rocking Chair Blue
    Jamie Bear Blue
    Japanese Garden Blue
    Kitten in the Box Blue
    Lovely Lady Cat Deco Blue
    Lovely Planter Box Blue
    Macaron Flower Blue
    Mackenzie the Meerkat Blue
    Market Stall Blue
    Max the Raccoon Blue
    Mini Beach Blue
    Mini Garden Blue
    Mommy Duck Blue
    Musical Pug Blue
    Octavia the Octopus Blue
    Oskar the Dog Blue
    Panda Table-Set Blue
    Panda Teacher Blue
    Parachute Penguin Blue
    Park Life Cup Blue
    Pinwheel Cart Blue
    Puppy in the box Blue
    Red Panda Habitat Blue
    Saxophone Dog Blue
    Sheep Rocking Chair Blue
    Sheep Table-Set Blue
    Shower Hippo Blue
    Skeletan Rockstar Dive Blue
    Small Squirrel Blue
    Snow Base Blue
    Snow Magician Blue
    Spooky Halloween Cup Blue
    Springtime Base Blue
    Studying Monkey Blue
    Summer in Hawaii Blue
    Sun, Sand & Sea Cup Blue
    Sweet Chicks Cart Blue
    Teddy Bear Balloon Blue
    Tennis Fox Blue
    Thai Elephant Blue
    Thanksgiving Base Blue
    Thanksgiving Party Cup Blue
    Toucan Blue
    Turkey in the Pumpkin Blue
    White Ghost Blue
    Wild Animal Families Cup Blue
    Wind-up Reindeer Blue
    Sledding Hill COINS – 100
    Snow Globe COINS – 15
    Thanksgiving Arch COINS – 15
    Xmas Tree COINS – 15
    Santa Sign COINS – 30
    Christas Tree COINS – 40
    Christas Cake COINS – 50
    Snowy Arch COINS – 50
    Bonfire Tent COINS – 80
    Farm Beauty Contest Bronze Trophy Farm Beauty Contest Bronze Cleaning Box
    Farm Beauty Contest Gold Trophy Farm Beauty Contest Gold Cleaning Box
    Farm Beauty Contest Iron Trophy Farm Beauty Contest Iron Cleaning Box
    Farm Beauty Contest Silver Trophy Farm Beauty Contest Silver Cleaning Box
    Backpack Gold
    Beach Palm Gold
    Bird House Gold
    Blue Ducky Gold
    Bobo Bear's Guitar Gold
    Bobo's Backpack Gold
    Bumper Car Gold
    Bunny Show Girl Gold
    Christas Sled Gold
    Christmas Crystal Ball Gold
    Christmas Wreath Fence Gold
    Colorful Tent Gold
    Desk Globe Gold
    Drinks Table Gold
    Duck Swimming Pool Gold
    Easter Choc Tree Gold
    Easter Lamp Gold
    Egg Statue Gold
    Egged in Bunny Gold
    Farm Podium Gold
    Flower Cage Gold
    Ghost Broom Gold
    Hammock Gold
    Ice Queen Gold
    Indian Hat Gold
    Kitten in the Basket Gold
    Koala Gold
    Little Bear Deco Gold
    Lovely Balloons Gold
    Mini Car Gold
    Mother's Day Pot Gold
    Mum Fence Gold
    Mystic Rose Gold
    Owl Gold
    Owl Ornament Gold
    Pumpkin Cat Gold
    Red Ducky Gold
    Running Mummy Gold
    Sand Bucket and Shovel Gold
    Sheep Weeble Gold
    Ski Penguin Gold
    Snow Flake Deco Gold
    Snow Launcher Gold
    Snow Man Gold
    Snow Queen Gold
    Snow Tree Arch Gold
    Snowy Owl Gold
    Spring Festival Garden Gold
    Stereo Coffin Gold
    Sunflower Ornament Gold
    Toys Gold
    Tree Reindeer Gold
    Wash Basin Gold
    Whale Spring Rider Gold
    Xmas Golden Star Gold
    Bird Swing Not available yet
    Letter Blocks Not available yet
    4-year Anniversay Purple
    Alraun Scarecrow Purple
    Angel Sheep Purple
    Animals Train Purple
    Apple Ornament Purple
    Autumn Arch Purple
    Autumn Pumpkin Purple
    Badminton Statue Purple
    Ball Basket Purple
    Basketball Playground Purple
    BBQ Grill Purple
    Beach Changing Room Purple
    Beach Parasol Purple
    Beach Stand Purple
    Bello the Dog Purple
    Big Drinking Cart Purple
    Big Drum Kit Purple
    Blackboard Purple
    Bobo Bear's Fish BBQ Purple
    Bocca della Verita Purple
    Bonfire Purple
    Bouquet Bunny Purple
    Boy Grass Hair Deer Purple
    Candle Stand Purple
    Cat with Balloons Purple
    Cheerleader Bunny Purple
    Chicken in Egg Purple
    Christmas Backdrop Purple
    Christmas Tree Gold Ribbon Purple
    Cute Monkey Purple
    Cymbal Banging Monkey Purple
    Darryl Greek Statue Purple
    Deer Swim Ring Purple
    Detective's Board Purple
    Disco Van Purple
    DNA strand shaped plant Purple
    Dragon Statue Purple
    Duck Bath Mat Purple
    Easel and Canvas Purple
    Easter Backdrop Purple
    Easter Chocolate Bunny Purple
    Egyptian Ship Purple
    Elegant Lantern Purple
    Experiment Table Purple
    Fancy Wine making barrel Purple
    Farm Beauty Trophy Purple
    Festival Lantern Purple
    Festival Palanquin Purple
    Fish Ice Pond Purple
    Fish in Ice Purple
    Fishing Elephant Purple
    Flower Barrow Purple
    Flower Chair Purple
    Flower House Purple
    Flower Pot Deco Purple
    Flower Shelf Purple
    Flower Stand Purple
    Flower Swing Purple
    Food Basket Purple
    Garden Bench Purple
    Garden Torch Purple
    Gingerbread House Purple
    Glassed In Bunny Purple
    Gluhwein Cup Purple
    Gnome Purple
    Golden Chicken Statue Purple
    Gong Purple
    Greek Taverna Chair Set Purple
    Happy New Year 2015 Purple
    Harvest Hat Purple
    Healthy Vending Machine Purple
    High Striker Purple
    Hippo Ballerina Purple
    Holiday Squirrel Baby Purple
    Holiday Squirrel Baby Purple
    Hot Tub Purple
    Ice Base Purple
    Ice Cream Cart Purple
    Ichimatsu Doll Purple
    Last edited by Megan Franklin; 01-04-2017, 06:08 PM.
    Ocean Breeze ~ ID ABXUUIK ~ Lvl 176 ~ Achievements 145/151 ~ Gallery Lvl 5 + 1213/4000
    SEASIDE 31x31 ~ ISLAND 12/12 ~ Dev Points 7250/7250 ~ Machines Mastered 20/21 ~ 9 Star Fish 29/43
    I DON'T work for FunPlus! I can't replace RC, transfer or fix farms!

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    Kissing Fishes Purple
    Lacquer Horn Purple
    Lemonade Stand Purple
    Little Dog Deco Purple
    Lotus Pond Purple
    Love Vase Purple
    Lovely Boxwood Purple
    Lovely Heart Purple
    Lovely Mister Cat Deco Purple
    Magic Pike Purple
    Male Thanksgiving Owl Purple
    Matryoshka Doll Purple
    Mini Beverage Machine Purple
    Mini Eiffel Tower Purple
    Mini Golf Purple
    Mini Ice Cream Cart Purple
    Mini Lemonade Stand Purple
    Mini Phone Booth Purple
    Mountain of Flowers and Fruits Purple
    Movie Star Purple
    Mushroom Cluster Purple
    Music Box Purple
    Nutcracker Purple
    Oak Tree with Owl Purple
    Painting Stand Purple
    Park Fountain Purple
    Peach Boy Purple
    Pete the Pelican Purple
    Peter Pan's Picnic Table Purple
    Polar Bear on Igloo Purple
    Pumpkin Light Purple
    Pumpkin Owl Purple
    Pumpkin Tombstone Purple
    Pumpkin Tower Purple
    Punching Bag Purple
    Quiz Rabbit Purple
    Rabbit Statue Purple
    Reading Teddy Bear Purple
    Reindeer Seesaw Purple
    Robovase Purple
    Rocking Horse Purple
    Rosy Posy Purple
    Safari Bus Purple
    Samurai Dog Purple
    Sand Castle Purple
    Scoreboard Purple
    Scout Sun Purple
    Shelter Purple
    Skeletan Rockstar Frontman Purple
    Small Drinking Cart Purple
    Small Drum Kit Purple
    Soda Cooler Purple
    Sphinx Purple
    Spider Tombstone Purple
    Sun Terrace Purple
    Taekwonda Tiger Purple
    Tea in a Scarf Purple
    Tea Table Purple
    Telephone Booth Purple
    Thanksgiving Turkey Purple
    Thumbelina Purple
    Tooth Potting Purple
    Tower of Arab Purple
    Tree Guitar Purple
    Tree House Purple
    Troll Statue Purple
    Turtle Statue Purple
    Valentine's Gift Basket Purple
    Vampire Scarecrow Purple
    Weight Rack Purple
    Wine making barrel Purple
    Winter Tent with Husky Dog Purple
    World Cup Trophy Purple
    Bait Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    Gasoline Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    Mystron Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    OP Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    Power Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    Super Sheep Sheep Gift Package
    Beach Bottle Silver
    Bobo Bear's Bike Silver
    Bunch of presents Silver
    Bunny Hedge Silver
    Chinese Pavilion Silver
    Christmas Candle Silver
    Coconut Delight Silver
    Duck Deco Silver
    Duck Habitat Silver
    Easter Bunny Silver
    Funny Scarecrow Silver
    Gift Hill Silver
    Kayak Silver
    Little Christmas Tree Silver
    Mailbox Silver
    Panda Lantern Silver
    Picnic Hamper Silver
    Ride on Car Silver
    Sand Bottle Silver
    Smoothie Table Silver
    Swimming Pool Silver
    Tire Swing Silver
    Tree Stomp Silver
    Turkey Ornament Silver
    Willow Silver
    Witch Legs Silver
    American Egg X
    Arabic Egg X
    Balinese Gateway X
    Balloon Door X
    Bamboo Decoration X
    Barley Ornament X
    Beanstalk X
    Big Snow Flake Fence X
    Bird Ball Pool X
    Bird Bath X
    Bird Hot Air Balloon X
    Bird Pool X
    Bird Seesaw X
    Brazilian Egg X
    Britsh Egg X
    Candle Ornament X
    Carpet Bottom X
    Carpet Middle X
    Carpet Top X
    Cat Statue X
    Chinese Egg X
    Chocolate Fountain X
    Christmas Fence X
    Cornucopia X
    Darryl Bobblehead X
    Dutch Egg X
    Easter Table X
    Elephant X
    Farm Bird House X
    Firecracker X
    Flower Basket X
    Flower Box X
    Flower Hedge X
    Flower Square X
    Flower Torch X
    Forest Path X
    French Egg X
    Garden Lantern X
    German Egg X
    Gingerbread Man X
    Grandma's Bike X
    Grape Ornament X
    Greek Egg X
    Green Hedge X
    Halloween Fence X
    Hamster Friend X
    Hay X
    Hay Bale X
    Haystack X
    Ice Cat X
    Ice Swan X
    Indonesian Egg X
    Inflatable Chair X
    Italian Egg X
    Japan 2020 Games X
    Japanese Egg X
    Jukebox X
    Korean Egg X
    Ladder X
    Lighthouse X
    Macaron Path X
    Milky White Fence X
    Mini Water Pump X
    Mushrooms X
    Norwegian Egg X
    Norwegian House X
    Oktoberfest Flag X
    Panda Toy X
    Parasol X
    Pebble Path X
    Picnic Baskets X
    Polish Egg X
    Pumpkin Fountain X
    Pumpkin Ornament X
    Ranch Bell X
    Ranch Entrance X
    Rose Fence X
    Russian Egg X
    Saint and Pete X
    Santa's Legs X
    Scarecrow X
    Seal X
    Shovel X
    Singer Sheep X
    Singing Elves X
    Small Snow Flake Fence X
    Snack Stand X
    Snow Hedge X
    Snowman X
    Spanish Egg X
    Spoon Shovel X
    Stone and Flower Path X
    Stone Bird House X
    Stone Bridge X
    Stone Mailbox X
    Stone Path X
    Straw Witch X
    Street Lamp X
    Sundial X
    Surf Board X
    Tea House X
    Thai Egg X
    Toy Bunny On Bike X
    Tree Arch X
    Tuk Tuk X
    Tulip Clogs X
    Turkish Egg X
    Wawal Dragon X
    Wedding Chair X
    Welcome Arch X
    Welcome Sign X
    White Fence X
    Wind Chimes X
    Wind Turbine X
    Wooden Barrel X
    Wooden Path X
    Woodpile X
    Xmas Garland X
    Xmas Gingermen X
    Xmas Shooting Star X
    Xmas Snowman X
    Xmas Stocking X
    Xmas Tree Baubles X
    Yacht X
    Last edited by Megan Franklin; 01-04-2017, 06:07 PM.
    Ocean Breeze ~ ID ABXUUIK ~ Lvl 176 ~ Achievements 145/151 ~ Gallery Lvl 5 + 1213/4000
    SEASIDE 31x31 ~ ISLAND 12/12 ~ Dev Points 7250/7250 ~ Machines Mastered 20/21 ~ 9 Star Fish 29/43
    I DON'T work for FunPlus! I can't replace RC, transfer or fix farms!


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      And Island Farm decorations :
      White Fish COINS – 1000
      Cow Plant Stand COINS – 1200
      Sheep Plant Stand COINS – 1200
      Little Round Table COINS – 500
      Deck Chair COINS – 700
      White Dolphin COINS – 800
      Little Duck Parasol Island Gold
      Panda Plant Stand Island Gold
      Rabbit Plant Stand Island Gold
      White Octopus Island Gold
      Acropolis Island Purple
      Badminton Court Island Purple
      Bunnies Fountain Island Purple
      Candies Stall Island Purple
      Carousel Island Purple
      Cat on a Stone Island Purple
      Chicken on a Chair Island Purple
      Children's Laboratory Island Purple
      Chinese Lantern Pavilion Island Purple
      Chinese Yi Doll Island Purple
      Christmas House Island Purple
      Colorful Cube Island Purple
      Cycladic House Island Purple
      Female Thanksgiving Turkey Island Purple
      Flower Pickup Island Purple
      Gratitude Jar Island Purple
      Japanese Doll Set Island Purple
      Laval lamp Island Purple
      Lollipop Vase Island Purple
      Memory of us Island Purple
      Mini 3D California Island Purple
      Monkey King Statue Island Purple
      Peach Boy's Ship Island Purple
      Play Area Island Purple
      Princess Frog Island Purple
      Rabbit House Island Purple
      Rocket Space Ship Island Purple
      Romantic Dinner Table Island Purple
      Secret Agent's Car Model Island Purple
      Stone Grandpa with Flowers Island Purple
      Swan Lake Island Purple
      Treasure Island Island Purple
      Vampire's Castle Island Purple
      Vespa Scooter Island Purple
      Viking Island Purple
      Wooden Gazebo Island Purple
      Cactus Crystal Deco X
      Cauldron Fire X
      Cranberry Crystal Deco X
      Flax Crystal Deco X
      Roast Spit X
      Unicorn Child X
      Unicorn Father X
      Unicorn Mother X
      Ocean Breeze ~ ID ABXUUIK ~ Lvl 176 ~ Achievements 145/151 ~ Gallery Lvl 5 + 1213/4000
      SEASIDE 31x31 ~ ISLAND 12/12 ~ Dev Points 7250/7250 ~ Machines Mastered 20/21 ~ 9 Star Fish 29/43
      I DON'T work for FunPlus! I can't replace RC, transfer or fix farms!


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        Are these all the decorations added from the start of the game, if that is so then I have a question hitting my mind. Megan, don't you have the ability to stick a post anymore???? If these are all the decorations then I think you should stick it and remove mine....
        ~~~~SPRING FIELDS ~ FAVWEFX ~ 130 ~ 30 G.Level ~ 101/146 Achievements ~ 31x31 ~~~~


        • Megan Franklin
          Megan Franklin commented
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          Yes, this is every decoration that has ever been in the game. I'll go ahead and stick it.

          RAMIZ AHMED RAJA commented
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          Thanks for doing this I really appreciate your work

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        I just want know how in the world do I get the island cleanables that aren't for sale in the store???
        Farm ID FENNYYE
        Farm Name Camping Queen


        • Annewuiten
          Annewuiten commented
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          Through the Gallery book.

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        Ohhh ok TY
        Farm ID FENNYYE
        Farm Name Camping Queen