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  • Old Dog

    Well, I am back. Hahaha. Formerly, Rosalind Russell, I dumped my original farm, what, a year ago? 18 months? I had a nice rest. I thought about relocating the original farm that I had poured quite a bit of money into but I was furious that I couldn't delete the stupid pet paths and I ddn't like the way it made my farm look. I am delighted to see the post I did for the cookhouse in "recipes" is still up. I was in despair wondering if I had the original in my backup drive. Now I do not have to look!

    Anyway, I see there are at least a few of my old friends still around. I would be delighted if you'd add me to your friends. I don't have many decorations (is that clover thing cleanable?) but we'll get there. And of course, I'm always good for visits to your farm and gift sending, so ...

    So here we are with questions. I've looked around and don't see a post on currencies. What are TC, how does one acquire them, and what can one do with them. My mind is going so I have forgotten where the smokehouse is. I didn't see anything in my buildings tab.

    Till later, kids. Hope your day is going well.
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    Sent you friend invite. Been lots of changes. Best way to catch up is to go to blue cog in game and hit help. They have greatly improved their help subjects. For the TC Enter on search. how to get TC. And that section will be helpful. Also they have help on the various mysterns. With the chat function in the game -- the forum seems to to dying off. It also does not help that no one clears out the spam any more. Don't even know if they is a moderator for the forum. You can see how old the last sticky for a mission was. Sad
    ID: CTKQTGH Farm: Kaylee Kitty
    level 100+ US Easton Time


    • April Flowers
      April Flowers commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh, thank you! Yes, I was surprised that there seems to be way more spam than people chatting about stuff, and no new FAQs on the new stuff. It is time consuming to write up. Glad that Diandian is picking up more of that burden.

      I am enjoying having a farm but I am really reluctant to go down the dog path. If I ever do, it won't be soon.

      Thanks, neighbor!

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    So what's your new farm name???? And would you like me to post the you are looking for neighbors in the chat
    ID: CTKQTGH Farm: Kaylee Kitty
    level 100+ US Easton Time


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      I havent been back in here for a fair bit. As many know, I decided to get my old farm back and give up the new one, and I am glad I did. You all have been terrific.